Bowser services

Water delivery
GWASCO operates one water bowser dedicated to supplying clean water upon request and payment of the applicable service charge within Kisii, Nyamira counties, and surrounding areas. The water bowser offers a mobile water supply solution for locations without access to the water network or those underserved. For those interested in this service, please contact our customer service representatives for more information on water delivery. Additionally, those operating private water bowsers can purchase water from our various loading points within the counties.

AreaQuantityCurrent Charges
CBD10,000 ltrsKES 5,500
Gesonso10,000 ltrsKES 6,000
Nyamataro10,000 ltrsKES 6,000
Nyakoe10,000 ltrsKES 6,500
Mosocho10,000 ltrsKES 7,000
Nyamira10,000 ltrsKES 8,500
Keroka10,000 ltrsKES 7,500
Masimba10,000 ltrsKES 10,000
Nyansiongo10,000 ltrsKES 10,000
Chebilat10,000 ltrsKES 12,000
Marani10,000 ltrsKES 8,000
Ogembo10,000 ltrsKES 7,000
Magena10,000 ltrsKES 8,000
Keumbu10,000 ltrsKES 6,000
Suneka10,000 ltrsKES 6,500
Tabaka10,000 ltrsKES 10,000
Kenyenya10,000 ltrsKES 10,000
Ibacho10,000 ltrs8,000
Nyaturago10,000 ltrsKES 8,000
Private water bowser per trip10,000 ltrsKES 2,500